Alastair Muir

Alastair Muir

President, Data Science and Predictive Analytics
Muir & Associates

About this Speaker

Alastair Muir, President Data Science and Predictive Analytics, founded Muir&Associates Consulting in 1996 focused on business process improvement projects worldwide. He has delivered operational excellence, business solutions and strategies to Energy, Resource and Manufacturing companies in diverse, multicultural and international settings with teams in over 14 countries. Robust analytics is key to business success.

He has achieved cost reductions and revenue enhancement of over $450MM, developed corporate strategy and lead development of Operational Excellence programs and governance for Fortune 500 companies, developed patented EDGE AI for solid state toxic gas detector, and his restructuring analysis of 300,000 people was quoted by the CEO in Wall Street Journal. He’s not allowed to talk about rough diamond fraud detection or nuclear fuel production (pretty cool though). He holds a PhD, BSc, BEd and MBB.

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